2 Feb 2009


It’s snowing! Is it snowing where you are too?

We got sent home from school early, because the heating broke. Woo-hoo! A good result for a Monday.

When we got home, Dad went up to the attic. I wanted to go too, because I’ve never been up there. Imagine, a place in your house you’ve never been!
But he wouldn’t let me. He said “The floor’s not stable, you’ll drop straight through”. But I’m lighter than him and he didn’t fall through.
He was up there for a reason. Not just putting back the Christmas decorations (which he did as well).
He’s going to turn the attic into a bedroom!

Because of the credit crunch (which sounds like a breakfast cereal to me, but is something about money and how we’ve not got very much of it), we can’t move to a bigger house when the baby comes. I’m glad, I don’t want to move house. I’ve lived in this one all my life, I wouldn’t like to have to leave it.
Anyway, because of the baby, there won’t be enough room for us all. So, Dad’s turning the attic into another bedroom.

But whose bedroom?!

That’s what I want to know. I’d like it, but then, so does Ben, and Dawn, and probably Mum and Dad too! Even Sbrother might want it when s/he knows how cool an attic bedroom is. Sbrother is short for ‘new sister or brother’, by the way.
But Mum and Dad haven’t decided yet. I hope it gets to be mine.

Now I’m going out to build a snowman!