29 Mar 2009


This is Ben again. Hello.
I read Kirsty’s post in the middle of the week and I had to ring her. And, after the phone call, she said that I should write down some of the things I’d said to her. She said ‘like a problem page’, but I’d be no good at doing it like that. So, I’ll just write what I can remember of it.
Kirsty said that having a new brother or sister makes her worried, as well as excited.
Why is everyone so worried? Dawn is too.
(hah! Dawn and Kirsty are behaving the same! Kirsty is so going to kill me for writing that. But it’s true.)
Having a baby around is nice. It makes you feel all important when you help to look after it. And Dad says nice things to you like ‘I just have to remember that this baby will eventually stop crying and will be someone I can talk to, like you.’ Or ‘I can trust you to bath the baby, can’t I? You’re sensible.’ And it makes you kind of swell up inside because you’re helping. Dad and Fiona would have a much harder time if we weren’t around to help.
And Kirsty has to remember too that the chances are, she’s going to love the baby. That’s important. Coz it makes it easier to put up with the noise and the smell and the fact that Dad and Fiona will be a bit grumpy sometimes.
So, there’s nothing to worry about.
That’s what I said on the phone.
I think maybe Kirsty wants me to put it in writing so she can sue me if it turns out to be a lie.