9 May 2009


The loft is finished!
We have a whole new, brand new room in the house! It’s brilliant. It’s got a floor and walls and a skylight and light switches. It’s even got a little sink in the corner so you don’t have to go all the way downstairs to clean your teeth at night.
But we still don’t know whose room it’s going to be.
It all depends on whether Sbrother is a boy or a girl.
Are you concentrating? Coz this is like Hard Maths!
If Sbrother is a girl, then I stay in my room, with Sbrother. Dawn will sleep up here when she’s around and Ben will stay in the front room. I bet Dawn won’t let me sleep up here in the week when she’s at her Mum’s.
If Sbrother is a boy, then Dawn and I will sleep up here. Ben and Sbrother will share my old room.
So, now I really want a little brother!!!