16 May 2009


Maya’s house was lovely!

I feel silly for being so scared. There was no need. I went straight to Maya’s after school on Friday. I had my pyjamas and toothbrush and everything in a backpack. We talked all the way there. Maya said she really likes pony books. I don’t read much – I prefer films. But I have seen a few horse films. We found out that Black Beauty made us both cry. But I cried at the film and she cried at the book. So we talked about that and before I knew it we were in her kitchen having glasses of juice.
Her mum was there. And she does look a bit poorly. She had circles under her eyes and her hair looked kind of wispy and thin. But then, Mum can look a bit like that too after a weekend with all of us in the house.

She was lovely to us. She had a really nice smile and she laughed when I told her all about the elephant and Grandad and the allotment over dinner.
We had quorn sausages and mash and peas for tea, but the mash was a mix of ordinary potato and sweet potato, because Maya’s mum says we have to eat lots of different veggies to stay healthy.

But after dinner wasn’t so healthy! Maya’s dad made cup-cakes with us. We got to put icing on the top with sprinkles and stars. It was great! And then we all sat on the sofa and ate cakes and watched a film. It was quite good – the newish Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. Maya’s mum said Johnny Depp was sexy and we all giggled. But I don’t think he is, he was too weird!

But I had a lovely time and I hope I’m allowed to go again.