19 Jun 2009


It has stopped raining! Well done, weather!
Not only that, but the shed in the allotment is jam-packed full with the most amazing plants. There are ferns and bromeliads and cane palms and Annabel even brought down an avocado tree that she’s been growing in a (big) pot. First thing tomorrow morning, me and Ben and Dawn are going to go and get them out of the shed and arrange them around the allotment.
Patrick’s nephew’s band will be there from noon. Patrick is going to set up a hammock (I don’t know what he’s going to tie it to – hopefully not the avocado tree! – but he says he can do it. Glynn is going to set up and barbeque.

But the best bit is Mr Thomas and his friends from the swimming pool! He says they’ve got an inflatable pool big enough for twenty people! We’re meeting them there in a minute to start filling it up, they say the sun will need all morning to heat up the water.

Dad is already moaning about all the sand he’s been having to rake out – he says it’s got in all his socks and shoes and it’s never going to come out. But he was smiling when he said it.

Tomorrow is going to be the best surprise ever!