23 Jun 2009


I won!
Well, actually, everyone liked the name Owen. So, everyone won.

Today Mum and Owen are coming home. I move up to the attic room, with Dawn. And Ben and Owen will have my old room.

Everything’s changing.

Part of me feels sad. I’m not the littlest one anymore. There’s a proper baby for Mum and Dad to fuss over. I know it’s going to be difficult to get used to that. The reason that I know it is because the other night, while we were waiting for news, Dawn put her arm around me and cuddled me close and told me how she felt when I was born – pleased and worried and excited and frightened.

So, even though I feel all those things, I know it’s going to be alright because me and Dawn are alright now. I love my big sister, and I love my big brother and I love my little brother.

I called Maya earlier to tell her Owen’s name. She and her mum both said thank you for the party. They loved it. Maya says that her mum is getting stronger every day. Maya is going to come over tomorrow to meet Owen.

But, tonight, it’s just me and my family.
So, I had better leave you too, at least for a while.

It’s been brilliant.
Love and kisses,