9 Dec 2008


I got a huge, fat envelope in the post today. I thought it might be an early Christmas present, but no! Inside was a copy of the book Elen Caldecott wrote about us! She sent it to me before it’s even in the shops. And there was a nice card too, saying that she hoped I liked the cover as much as she does.

As soon as I saw what was inside, I screeched! The postman – who is now quite a good friend of mine and had stayed to see what it was – screeched too! Then Mum, then Dad. All of us stood in the hallway screeching like we were on the Waltzers! Because EVERYONE is in it. In the book, I mean, not on the cover. Even the postman – we flicked through to check. He looked really pleased.
There’s a picture of an elephant’s bum on the cover! And if you look really closely you can see that it’s hairy! Brilliant!

There was something else in the envelope too. Invites. Elen Caldecott has invited us to the launch party in January. Mum says we’ll have to get dressed up in Posh Frocks. I’ve never been to a launch party before. This winter is really exciting.

Especially when I remember last year. Grandad was in hospital and we were all sad. I hope he’d be pleased with everything that’s happened since. I think it would have made him laugh. I’m sure it would.