5 Jan 2009


The book is out today! So now I’m famous! Even more than I was last year when there was all that stuff in the news and me and Dawn and Ben were on the telly. And the elephant too. That was on telly. That took up most of the screen , really. You could hardly see the rest of us.

But now, I’m famous in a book! It’s really funny. Dad took me to the bookshop today so we could buy extra copies (he wants to give them to his mates! To grown men, honest!). And there they were, in a neat pile on a table. Books with my name on.
My name.

And the author’s too, of course. But the Kirsty Jenkins bit is bigger than the Elen Caldecott bit. Dad says if I’m not careful we won’t be able to get my big head through the door. But he was smiling when he said it.

I’ve read it already. I read the copy Elen sent us. Dawn and Ben did too.
Dawn’s cross, because they put the bit about her crying in. So now her friends know and they’ll tease her about being a wuss. Mum says that her real friends won’t tease her and anyone who does is an idiot.
But I like it. It made me laugh.

There’s going to be a party for it on Thursday. Everyone’s going to go – me and the author, even Mr Thomas. Me and Mum went shopping in the sales for a new dress for me to wear. I hope they won’t want me to make a speech. I’ll be terrified. I mean, after all, we did break the law!

It’s good, because even though Christmas is over, I still feel excited. I can’t wait to show everyone the book at school tomorrow. It’s going to be brilliant!