13 Feb 2009


OK. I was joking.

This is how you get your name to appear on a marrow.
You will need:
One baby marrow STILL ATTACHED to the plant
One pin

Then you write whatever you want on the marrow, very gently, using the pin. When the marrow grows, the words you’ve written grow with it! And it looks like it’s just appeared by magic.

Dad told me how to do it. He read in Elen’s book that I didn’t know and he told me.
It was strange. He came into the living room while I was watching telly. He was holding the book (doesn’t it have a great cover, by the way?). He sat down next to me and was quiet for ages. Then he said, ‘A lot happened to you last year, didn’t it?’
Well d’uh.
I didn’t say that though. He sounded too serious.
‘And a lot is going to happen this year too,’ he said.
I think he’s talking about Sbrother. And the new loft bedroom.

I gave him a hug because he looked sad. Sometimes I worry that he’s going to get REALLY sad again. But he smiled, and then told me about Grandad’s marrow trick.

So now, I’m telling you!