13 Mar 2009


On my way to school today I saw the weirdest thing. I was walking through the estate, just minding my own business, when I walked past one of the alleys. There are loads of alleys, narrow brick arches that mean you can get to the back of people’s houses without walking through their house. Well, I went past the one that is closest to Maya Toyne’s house (I know where she lives because I had to go to a birthday party there when we were little). And I heard crying. Not wailing, just sniffs and splutters, like someone was trying to make the tears stop.
I thought I should investigate, just in case there was something really wrong and I was the only witness.
I looked in the alley and there was Maya!
She was sort of sitting on the floor, hunched up, hugging her knees and she was the one making the noise.
‘Are you OK?’ I asked.
She ignored me like I hadn’t even spoken.
‘Maya?’ I said, because I was really trying to be nice, even though she’s a pain in the neck. ‘Do you want me to fetch anyone? Your Mum or Dad?’
Then she looked up and even in the dark alley I could see her eyes were all blotchy with tears. I was ready to go and put my arm around her or something.
Then, she said, ‘Go away and leave me alone!’
I didn’t know what to do.
So, I went away and left her alone.
When I got to school, I didn’t say anything to anyone. And Maya totally ignored me all day. But perhaps I should tell someone what I saw?