7 Mar 2009


It’s me again! Kirsty that is. I didn’t whine at Ben BTW – he asked if he could write in my blog. So, hah!
I am covered head-to-toe in dust! I look like a ghost! I’ve been jumping out at people from behind doors and yelling ‘boo!’ It’s brilliant.
I am all covered in dust because they have started working on the new bedroom. Three men turned up yesterday and started knocking holes in things and putting planks of wood everywhere where you can trip over them.
Mum is going on and on about it being a health hazard. She’s still frowning a lot and putting her hands on her tummy. She’s got a tiny bump now! It looks a bit like she’s had too much Christmas dinner, rather than a proper baby bump though.
Martin, the head builder is really nice. He has a tool belt, Bob the Builder style. And he wears the same overalls every day even though they are all covered in paint and sawdust and stuff. He likes his tea with two sugars, which is amazing. Mum doesn’t let me put sugar on my food at all, not even on Weetabix which really needs it. I had a taste of his tea and it was like sweets. Hot, runny sweets.
The other two builders don’t really speak much. I think they must be shy.
Dad is helping them out too. He’s labouring, he says. He hasn’t been out to fit anyone’s kitchen in ages. I think that’s bad news. Because that’s where our money comes from.
Ben and Dawn have gone to the builder’s merchants with Dad to buy plasterboard. I said I’d stay behind to help Martin. Martin said the best thing I could do was to stay out of the way, because they’re widening the hole in the ceiling for the stairs. Which is why the dust is everywhere!
I like having builders around!