3 Mar 2009


This is Ben writing. Not Kirsty. She said that I’ll explain better than she could. Although, I don’t want to explain it all, but she’s making me. She whined all weekend for me to come on her blog. So, I am. But don’t blame me if I make a bad job of it. I’ve never done this before.
Dawn is upset because Fiona (that’s Kirsty’s mum, by the way) is having a baby.
And Fiona is upset because Dawn is upset. Again.
Dawn was like this when Kirsty was born. You’d think she’d get over it. But she doesn’t. She pretends to be all hard and grumpy, but actually she needs more attention than anyone. She’s worried that one more brother or sister will mean a bit less love from Dad and Fiona. But it wasn’t like that when Kirsty was born, so it probably won’t be like that now. I told Kirsty that and she wants us to do something nice for Dawn. But I have no idea what.
What can you do to cheer up someone like Dawn? If you have an idea, please let us know!