26 Apr 2009


Maya rang me!
It’s funny, because I didn’t know what to say at the beginning. I mean, I don’t know her very well and I wasn’t sure that I liked the bits I did know. It’s only really because of Miss Price that we’re talking at all.
So, we didn’t have much to say at the start. I asked how she was and she said ‘fine’. And then she asked how I was and I said ‘fine’. And then neither of us said anything.
But then Mum started shouting because Martin had been doing some painting and he’d left the lid, paint-up, on the floor. And Mum stepped in it. And she had no shoes on (which was stupid because she is always telling us to wear shoes because of the builders). And she yelled because she was making lilac footprints on the landing carpet.
I was quiet while all this was going on, because sometimes it’s just better to keep your ears open and your mouth shut.
But, on the other end of the phone, Maya could hear the screaming and she said ‘What’s that? A herd of elephants?’. So I told her what was happening and we laughed.
After that, it was quite easy.
We just talked about stuff, school and telly and nothing much really, but it was nice.
She’s going to come to the allotment with me later.