22 Apr 2009


After school today, Mum said, “enough is enough. There are too many people in the house.”
We can take a hint! So, me, Dad, Ben and Dawn decided to go swimming.
Then, Because Mum nagged him, Dad said ‘The more the merrier’ and I was told to invite Maya.
I didn’t think she would come.
But, when I called, she sounded pleased that I had. And she said yes to coming swimming.
It was loads of fun. The pool by us has three different slides. One is just for babies, one is a bit bigger and the last one is a tube that goes the whole way around the pool. We threw ourselves down it at least two hundred times.
Then, Dad taught us how to dive. I belly flopped once and it KILLED. But I got it right by the end.
Then we had chips in the canteen. And while I was dipping a chip into the tomato sauce, Maya sort of whispered, ‘thank you’.
I asked what for.
‘For being nice to me,’ she said. ‘No one’s been nice to me for ages.’
‘Well,’ I said. ‘You haven’t been nice to other people. Throwing stones and laughing and stuff.’
She was quiet after that.
I thought she wouldn’t speak to me again. But when we dropped her off at her house, she smiled and waved and said “see you tomorrow”.
She means at school, but I think it would be nice to do something like this again.