17 Apr 2009


I love the school holidays! Though Mum seems a bit more cross about the whole thing than usual. She keeps going on about people being under her feet. Me and Martin (the builder) just smile at each other.
I have been trying to be helpful.
Yesterday, I mixed up the plaster that goes on the walls. And Martin let me put some on. You have to get it onto the trowel and then ‘whoop’ smear it on the wall as quick as you can so it doesn’t fall off. Only some of mine fell off. Martin said it wasn’t bad for a first go. But he wouldn’t let me have a second go.
Ben and Dawn are coming to stay for three days this weekend and some of next week too. They should have stayed with us for the holidays, but because Mum was ill they’ll be staying into school-time instead.
I hope Dawn isn’t in a strop about it.
I bet she is though.
But the big news this holiday is that Mum is totally keen on me being Maya’s friend. She keeps asking me to invite her over. Which doesn’t make sense with the whole ‘people under her feet’ business. So I haven’t invited her yet.