12 Apr 2009


It was a funny Easter today. I had three chocolate eggs, but I had to eat them on Mum’s bed. She helped and so did Dad and we did have a nice time, but, it was still funny.
Mum is still in hospital, though she’ll be home in two or three days.
But the really weird thing is, so is Maya’s Mum. In hospital, I mean.
I saw Maya in the canteen there. She was buying a plastic pot of jelly. Red jelly. And I was behind her in the queue (it gets a bit boring on the ward, so I go for a wander sometimes, even though I don’t really want anything from the canteen.) She didn’t notice me behind her. I had to say her name a few times. And when she looked, her face was all surprised and shocked.
‘What are you doing here?’ she asked.
‘My Mum’s in ward 7,’ I said.
And then her eyes looked all teary and she sort of smiled. She picked up another jelly and said, ‘I’ve got enough money for two, if you want one.’
I don’t even like jelly, but this was the first time she’d been nice, so I had to say yes.
We sat down at a table and ate our jellies. In fact, it wasn’t too bad, It didn’t have a skin on, which it what makes it disgusting.
I asked her why she was at the hospital and she told me that her Mum has to go in all the time for something called keemo (I don’t know how to spell it.) Which is a medicine which makes her so sick that she can’t drive afterwards, so Maya and her dad have to stay. But Maya isn’t allowed in the room with them, so she has to wait in the canteen.
I finished my jelly and then said that I had to get back to Mum, but I would look out for her next time I was visiting.
She smiled then, as though we might be friends after all.