10 Apr 2009


Mum was sitting up in bed when we got to the ward. And she was smiling. And she ate the chocolates we brought. Which Grandad never did. He was kind of weak and thin and it got worse the longer he was there.
Mum seems OK. She worked her way through almost the whole box of Celebrations while we were there. Well, I suppose I might have helped her with some of them!
Apparently, the baby’s heartbeat wasn’t as strong as it should be when Mum went for a check-up. So she had to go in ‘for observation’. Which, she says, just means lying around being bored when she should be getting on with things. ‘Who’s going to keep an eye on the builders?’ she said, ‘they’ll knock down the bathroom and put a garage on the roof if you don’t watch them.’
Dad says she has to do whatever the doctors tell her to.
The baby is OK, they say. But Mum needs to rest for a few days, so she’s going to stay in hospital just for a bit.
I felt really weird when I thought that something bad was happening to Sbrother. Like I might start to cry and never stop. So I couldn’t let myself start.
I guess Ben was right. I must love Sbrother already.