7 Jun 2009


I spoke to Maya today.

She hasn't been in school because her whole family have been away - her mum and dad and grandparents too! They went to a cottage somewhere in the countryside. Maya said they went to get fresh air and time together.
It must have been good, because she sounded really happy.

She said that her mum had the last course of chemo. Which means that she's had the last of the medicine the hospital are going to give her. Now they just have to wait to find out if it works.
Maya said that her mum was still ill and tired, but that it was nice to just laze around with her, watching telly and laughing at her dad's bad jokes.

I would hate, hate, hate it if my mum got sick. I was thinking about it after I hung up the phone. Then, thinking about it made me so sad that I rushed around the house until I found her. She was sitting on one of the hard chairs and drinking a cup of tea (she can't sit on the sofa anyone because she can't get out of it again). I gave her a huge hug so that she nearly spilled the tea.

Mum kissed the top of my head and just let me hug her without saying anything or explaining.
I love my mum.