11 Jun 2009


It is all systems go for Maya’s tropical beach!!!

I’m so excited! I met Ben at the allotments after school yesterday and we spoke to loads of people. Everyone said they’d help turn the allotments into Maya’s dream. There’s a sort of open space, near the big gate; no one plants anything there because when vans (and elephants!) come in they’d run right over it. Just now, it doesn’t look anything special, but a week on Saturday it’s going to be like Barbados!

Annabel – who has an allotment a few spaces down from us – is going to bring the plants from her conservatory, so is Glynn and Mrs Williams. And Dad said he could get us some sand from a builder friend of his. So, we made some posters about it to put around the allotments, just in case anyone else had any good ideas.

TWO things happened today because of the posters. Patrick said that his nephew is in a steel band, just like a Caribbean one, so he’s going to ask them to come and play for us. And Mr Thomas – who is quite a good friend these days – saw it and said that he could ask some people in the swimming baths if they could provide the sea!! I don’t understand who they can, but he’s going to ask them.

This is going to be the BEST surprise EVER.