9 Jan 2009


I’m exhausted! Last night, at the party, it was all nice dresses, and music and everyone had a free glass of wine (not me, though, I had orange juice, but it was free too). And there were loads of people. And there were free tiny elephants and squirting eyeballs!

Actually, I thought there would be rockets involved. Or at least someone saying ‘three..two...one..blast off!’ but it wasn’t like that. It started with a band playing and then people who worked for the publishers spoke and then Elen Caldecott got up to talk about THE BOOK. Her friend Ally Kennen was there too, because it was a book launch for both of them. The cover for Ally’s book – Bedlam – looked great, but Mum said it was a bit old for me. But Ben bought it and he says I can read it when he’s finished.

It was really weird hearing Elen talk about us and what we did. But she also talked about what it was like being a writer.
I think it sounded great. She works at home, whenever she likes. Writers get to have big lie-ins and wear whatever they like – pyjamas all day if they want.
I think I might be a writer when I grow up. Or a film star.

I had a lovely time. But then I had to get up early to go to school. And now I’m exhausted! Ben and Dawn will be here soon, so I might go and have a tiny sleep before they arrive. Goodnight!